How many people can attend?

To have your vehicle on the private property where the event takes place, that will be limited. However, if we sell out of that space, we will be extremely close to BLM land for people to park on and attend still. If you want to be on the event land, book fast because these tickets won’t last long!

Can I bring my doggo? My cat? My horse?

Please do! We love pets! We ask not to bring anything super exotic (looking at you Tiger King) that could be dangerous, but any safe, domesticated pet is welcome. Please pick up after them and keep them leashed when roaming about due to many vehicles being around. You must dispose of their poop properly, not in the porta-potties.

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds this year because of the event planning process. However, assuming we do this again next year, you can apply your ticket to next year.

I forgot a toothbrush, any stores nearby?

The closest town is Alamosa which is roughly 25 minutes away. They have the holy land known as Wal-Mart which should have anything you need. If not, I’m sure Jeff Bezos hand-deliver your prime package to your vehicle doorstep.

Will I be filmed?

There is a good chance you might be on camera at some point in the event. Since we will be recording the competition, you might be seen at some point and we may even ask to interview you! By attending the event, assume you might be captured on camera at some point.

Can I build a fire?

For now, no. We’re still getting permission from landowners and the proper permits. If this changes, we will have rules in place for this.

Can I leave a trace?

We love Mother Nature, so no! Please, please, please pick up after yourselves. We want to not only respect the environment, but the property owners as well. There may be a trash service that comes by, but plan on having to dispose of it properly later.

Besides my vehicle, bike? Four wheeler? Golf cart?

Bikes are welcome! Four-wheelers are welcome! Golf carts… might be too weak for the terrain. Please be respectful with anything motorized to the land in regards to noise and local laws.

I don’t have a van, skoolie or RV, can I still come?

Yes, please do! If you have a little Toyota Prius and a tent, we’d love for you to join us! You can park on BLM or have a spot on the property.

How prepared should I be?

Water, food, clothes and anything you might need to live is advised to bring along. Which should be easy, considering most everybody is full time vehicle life. There are trails, mountains, sand dunes and waterfalls all nearby ripe for exploring. We do suggest bringing a budget to renovate your rig if you want to take advantage of our sponsors and potential discounts on materials/appliances.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew! You can come and go as you please, but please be respectful of the other vehicles as well as the competition as it commences.

What should I NOT bring?

Negativity! We don’t like that. We’re bringing together all of the mobile living communities--vans, RVs, skoolies--into one big happy family. Of course, if anyone is causing trouble, we do reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.

Covid-19 Rules & Notes